Chicken Buffalo Wing @ Wings & Dips

  I just love to eat… I love exploring new places… I want to try new food… Let me share to you a cool place I’ve discovered (or introduced to me)…WINGS & DIPS!

Actually, It’s been months already since the last time I’ve been here.  I want to go back but couldn’t coz’ of my busy schedule (hehehe).  Anyway, if you’re into buffalo chicken wings, then this place is for YOU.. I love how they present the dish and the taste is also amazing.

By the way, what is Buffalo Chicken Wings? According to Wikipedia — A Buffalo wing, hot wing or wing is a chicken wing section (drumette or flat) that is traditionally deep-fried unbreaded and then coated in sauce. Classic Buffalo-style chicken wing sauce is composed of a vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and butter.  Buffalo wings are traditionally served with celery sticks and blue cheese dressing.

Buffalo wings were created in Buffalo, New York. The residents of Buffalo generally refer to them as “wings” or “chicken wings” rather than “Buffalo wings.”

I am actually not sure if the recipe they have in Wings & Dips is “Chicken Buffalo Wing” but that’s what everyone (most of them) call it.(lol)

Anyway, in Wings & Dips – they have combo meals where you can choose 4 pcs chicken wings + pasta (pesto, bolognese, carbonara, etc) and a side dish (french fries, mashed potato, rice, or corn & carrots).. Your choices of dips are: Bleu Cheese, Honey Mustard, lemon, Mayo, Tartar, & Wasabi Mayo. Ilike Bleu Cheese and Honey Mustard.

The price??? ..ONLY 120-175 pesos…

You can find Wings & Dips at Door 7A Mabini Commercial Complex. Mabini St. Corner V. Mapa St., Davao City

or You can go to the Peak at Gaisano Mall of Davao City. 🙂

Door 7A Mabini Commercial Complex. Mabini St. Corner V. Mapa St.


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