It seems like most FILIPINOS are getting gaga over MAGNUM… When it was finally released here in the Philippines, it went VIRAL.. People were posting it on facebook, twitter, google+, instagram, etc…  I am not sure why everyone fell for it… I guess the Marketing department of Magnum worked really hard for it.  Their hard work really paid of…  Then after a week or so, Magnum showed its first TV commercial with the tag line “Enjoy the Royal Treatment” and the people got more crazy.

During its first week I tried looking for it, to check if its worth the GAGA NEWS… I failed to find one. All grocery stores/shops don’t have stocks anymore.  And I said, WOW!!! Is this really more delicious than my fave ice cream (Haagen Daz)?? I should try it soon…

Luckily I have a friend who found it in an HB1 store.  She bought two Classic magnum (coz she knew I wanted it badly).  When she gave it to me, I said — Is this it? hahaha Nothing special! Oh! There is, the chocolate coating is made from Belgian Chocolate.. But if you want a chocolate, maybe you should buy a Chocolate bar instead… The Ice cream is a NO NO!!! Nothing Beats HAAGEN DAZ!

The following week, I guess the owners of different grocery shops knew how HOT MAGNUM is, so they purchased LOTS of it…. And I bought second flavor which is ALMOND.. Well, nothing special again… but its better that Classic.. For 50 pesos is really expensive and I think its not worth i t.   If you want a really delicious ice cream, just try korean  ice cream instead like Melona. Or go to a Gelatissimo shop. Thay are far more delicious that this so called MAGNUM..

Anytime soon, the GAGANESS will soon fade. I know that for sure.. And I think the Marketing department of MAGNUM will try to think of other ways to keep the interest of people in their product.


As for me, Im done with MAGNUM.. (Maybe I will try again if there’s a new flavor) 😉

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